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We responded to the challenge of being an active church in the online environment. We saw the impact we can have, that is why we chose to invest in a Media Project. We want the new church building to be very well equipped from this point of view. We want to be able to host Christian concerts, to have television and radio facilities, and to be able to broadcast important events live and to serve the people of the Irish nation through the facilities of this building. We would like to present below our Media plan and we want to realize this project together with you so that we can serve you and all those who follow us. 



We have looked for the best people that could help us manage the installation of the sound system for the new church building, and after a thorough research God has directed us towards a well- known professional in this industry. Not only is he very experienced in installing sound systems in churches, but he has also a special affinity for Romanian communities, as he oversaw the sound system for Billy Graham’s evangelistic events in Romania in 1985.

After many discussions and research, we decided to go with D&B Audiotechnik brand for speakers and DigiCo for mixers. Due to the size and the capacity of the new building, our investment in the right equipment and infrastructure involves higher costs.


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Filming is how we get our church to build a social media presence on YouTube and even on television channels. To keep up with the speed, quality requirements and current trends, our cameras and transmission equipment need a continuous upgrade and a considerable investment. In recent years we purchased the Blackmagic Design cameras and mixer for the video transmission, and we would like to continue with the same brand due to its stability and efficiency.

With the opening of the new location, the equipment required, and volunteers involved in this department will increase significantly. We are happy and privileged to have such a great new building with new and well-developed systems that will allows us to broadcast live from the church.

We have spent a lot of time researching for the best models of equipment with the best possible price. In our new church building, we will be using for the first time, some unique systems of camera control, designed by volunteers from our media team.



In recent years churches went through a period of transition in terms of technology. You might remember when the retro- projector was replaced by the video projector. It was a pretty serious upgrade. The same is happening in nowadays when the video projector is replaced by the LED Screen.

In the past 12 months we have done our research and we decided to go with a large size LED screen brought in from China. We also have Interactive Displays in the 8 Sunday school classes and LED Screens in the conference room and main hallways.

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& Studio


Investing in this Media Project requires financial sacrifices that cannot be measured through views, likes or monetization. True results are measured through the spiritual impact we as an active online church have in people’s lives. We have heard many testimonies of the impact our Church had on people’s lives and we are sure that there are many others that we are not aware of, but all of these have a significant importance to us and we believe that investing in this Media Project is well worth it.

Thank you all for sharing this vision with us and for your support through your donations!

Anchor Daruieste

DONATE TOWARDS media betania

We want to show our appreciation to all those who donated to this Media Project; therefore we will send a gesture of appreciation, a special gift on behalf of the church. Read more about this gift in the details for each donation. Thank you!

If you encounter any difficulties while processing your donation, please write to us at the email address:

Also, if you prefer to donate by bank transfer, you can find our bank details below. No matter which way you choose to donate, please ensure you entered your full name and your postal address.

Account name: Betania Limited, Account number: 69539557,

IBAN: IE27 BOFI 9000 3369 5395 57,  BIC: BOFIIE2D,

Bank of Ireland: O’Connell Street, Dublin 1, Ireland

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